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Terimah kasih MalaysianCupid

Alhamdulillah..saya telah menemukan pasangan hidup saya dan sekejap lagi,saya akan melangsungkan pernikahan..Terimah kasih MalaysianCupid..

We are happy being together

Thanks to the site for matching me with my partner. We are happy being together and planning for marriage in the near future. Never came to my mind that internet love exist but I have met an honest and loyal partner. He is the best I have ever had. Thanks MalaysianCupid!

She is my dream girl

I found ling here. She is my dream girl with a very loving heart and soul for mankind. Ling teaches me about caring and gave me an opportunity to become her children foster father. They are the missing puzzle of my life.

He is the most romantic guy

Well i met my partner through this site and he is the most romantic guy i have ever seen. he is loving caring and all a thing in a guy that a girl wants. i would like to thank malaysiancupid for giving me the opportunity to relate my love story here.

We are getting married

Thank you for I have found the love of my life through your website. We are getting married... we sincerely hope everyone out there will find their true love... Don't give up...

My wonderful life partner

Thanks MalaysianCupid, I finally found someone from your website. Thank you for providing opportunity and open door to meet my wonderful life partner.